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An Update from our Shoreline Cleanup 2023

Thank you to all of the wonderful volunteers who attended our Shoreline Cleanup and Afterparty on July 27th. We were happy to be able to share a meaningful Reeve tradition with so many new and returning people in our community.

We are also pleased to say that with the donations from our volunteers, our friends at Fairware, and our own contribution, we were able to raise $700 for Ocean Wise!

We hope to see everyone again next year to repeat this monumental success!


Dear Ocean Enthusiasts, Help us Brighten our Beaches!

The ocean acts as our largest carbon sequestration vessel. More than 30% of CO2 and 90% of excess heat caused by human activities is stored within the ocean’s depths1, weakening climate change’s impacts. Every year, humans dump masses of plastic and other toxins into the ocean, severely affecting our largest global ecosystem. Mark your calendars for July 27th, and come participate in our beach cleanup after work at Jericho Beach to help the Reeve community make a difference.