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Redefining Progress: Gross National Happiness and Lessons from Bhutan

Do economic indicators give a full and accurate picture of measure of progress? Measures like GDP are at the forefront of many countries’ progress reporting, and are typically meant to be a broad measure of welfare within a country. However, GDP and other economic indicators like it tend to miss one of the most important components of “welfare”: happiness.

In October, Reeve Founder and President Tim Reeve travelled to Bhutan with 19 other internationals to learn about the Gross National Happiness (GNH), a framework that has been used to guide and measure progress for nearly 50 years. The week-long work study program was hosted by the GNH Centre of Bhutan, and served as a cultural tour and learning experience for its attendees.READ MORE

Brighter Communities Begin with Giving Back

A fundamental Reeve principle, at the heart of our ethos, is a commitment to “doing the right thing”. Our dedication to ethical actions, both in our work and community involvement, stems from our belief that fostering a healthy and thriving community ultimately benefits long term societal wellbeing.

Among our other community involvement initiatives like our annual Shoreline Cleanup and Afterparty and supporting local businesses in our purchases, we donate to various organizations and initiatives every year with the goal of giving back to the communities we believe in.READ MORE

An Update from our Shoreline Cleanup 2023

Thank you to all of the wonderful volunteers who attended our Shoreline Cleanup and Afterparty on July 27th. We were happy to be able to share a meaningful Reeve tradition with so many new and returning people in our community.

We are also pleased to say that with the donations from our volunteers, our friends at Fairware, and our own contribution, we were able to raise $700 for Ocean Wise!

We hope to see everyone again next year to repeat this monumental success!


Thriving, not just Surviving: Living Wage at Reeve

Paying a living wage is more than just compensating employees for basic living expenses; it helps foster economic growth and worker quality of life, reduces exploitation, and can even improve employee productivity. In May 2023, Reeve Consulting received our Living Wage for Families BC certification and formally committed to paying all our employees and contractors at or above the living wage for Metro Vancouver.


Dear Ocean Enthusiasts, Help us Brighten our Beaches!

The ocean acts as our largest carbon sequestration vessel. More than 30% of CO2 and 90% of excess heat caused by human activities is stored within the ocean’s depths1, weakening climate change’s impacts. Every year, humans dump masses of plastic and other toxins into the ocean, severely affecting our largest global ecosystem. Mark your calendars for July 27th, and come participate in our beach cleanup after work at Jericho Beach to help the Reeve community make a difference.


Reeve helps Special Olympics Seattle 2018 set new sustainability benchmark

On July 1, 2018 something very exciting will be happening in Seattle, and at Reeve we’re excited to be a part of it!  The 2018 Special Olympics USA Games opens, showcasing the abilities of athletes with intellectual disabilities in 14 Olympic-type team and individual sports. Reeve Consulting has been working closely with the Special Olympics USA Organizing Committee (SOUSA) to help them become the first Special Olympic Games to develop and deliver on a Sustainability Strategy.


Aiming for Impact at the SPLC’s 2016 Summit

Tim visited Washington, DC in May for the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council’s 2016 Summit. There, he co-presented on municipal sustainable purchasing, representing the Municipal Collaboration for Sustainable Procurement (MCSP), alongside Alicia Culver from the Responsible Purchasing Network, and Jonathan Rifkin from the District of Columbia, and learned from other leading sustainable purchasing professionals.


New eLearning Tool for Sustainable Purchasing from Reeve Consulting

With supply chain transparency quickly rising as a corporate priority –private and public sector organizations are asking themselves how they can more effectively engage with their staff around important ethical and sustainable purchasing concepts.

That’s why a new eLearning tool called The Green Learning Centre is creating a buzz. Powered by Reeve Consulting, The Green Learning Centre is a unique online communication and training program that builds employee awareness and understanding of ethical, sustainable and green purchasing in a fast, fun and effective way.