Vancouver Coastal Health

VCH Reusables First Project

Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) and Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) Procurement have recognized that a sustainable, climate-resilient healthcare system is integral to individuals, communities, and the planet. Understanding the significant positive impact that sustainable procurement can have on cost reduction, supply chain resilience, and environmental protection within the resource-intensive healthcare industry, VCH and PHSA wanted to leverage their procurement practices to aid the transition from single-use to reusable products.  


Reeve supported VCH and PHSA to better understand and optimize their procurement process for sustainability. This involved:   

  • Conducting interviews with a diverse range of internal and external stakeholders across organizations, departments, and suppliers  
  • Mapping out the most common procurement pathways utilized by VCH and PHSA  
  • Identifying key intervention points within these pathways to facilitate the transition to reusable products 
  • Identifying high-impact procurement opportunities (HIPO) to pilot the identified intervention points  
  • Conducting benchmarking exercises to pinpoint gaps and opportunities to develop a sustainable procurement program 
  • Developing a Sustainable Procurement 3-Year Strategy and Action Plan tailored to the specific needs of VCH and PHSA   


As a result of Reeve’s collaboration with VCH and PHSA, they are working towards the implementation of their strategy and action plan, laying the foundations for a high-impact Program. They will apply newfound insights and intervention points to identified HIPOs to continue the Reusables First initiative. Reeve’s guidance has equipped VCH and PHSA with the knowledge and tools to facilitate the transition from single-use to reusable products, ensuring a more environmentally responsible procurement approach.