FIFA World Cup 2026 Canada Soccer

Sustainability Programming

As the national sport organization spearheading Canada’s involvement in FIFA World Cup (FWC) 2026, Canada Soccer was tasked with creating and securing support for a National Hosting Concept (NHC) that laid out a vision for the 2026 FWC. The NHC was used to secure financial commitments from various levels of government and sponsors. In order to meet their expectations, it was critical to have a sustainability vision for the tournament and outline plans for addressing issues such as climate change, diversity and inclusion, and zero waste.

With experience working with three Olympic Organizing Committees, Reeve Consulting was retained to develop the sustainability portion of the NHC and ensure commitments from the United Bid phase were embedded in the newest vision for the event. It was expected to deliver impactful programs that would manage risk and catalyze key objectives.

Working closely with stakeholders from Canada Soccer and the candidate Host Cities under tight deadlines, Reeve created a simple and compelling sustainability narrative entitled: “Sustainability+”. This was both a key section within the NHC and a theme that was integrated into the venues, human rights and transportation sections. The result of this effort was that Canada Soccer has been successful in acquiring the support needed to continue their planning for the 2026 FIFA World Cup. Stakeholder expectations were fulfilled and Sustainability+ sets out the framework for the next phase of sustainability planning at the Host City level.