Feed BC

Feed BC in Public Sector Institutions

Photo by University of the Fraser Valley.

Feed BC 2023-2024 Project Summary: 


Feed BC in British Columbia’s (B.C.) public post-secondary sector is a partnership initiative led by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Ministry of Post Secondary Education and Future Skills, and B.C. 20 public post-secondary institutions (PSIs). The Feed BC PSI Partner Program aims to encourage, inspire, and support a shift to more local food on PSI campuses and beyond. Through partnering with Feed BC, PSIs showcase their commitment to sustainability goals and contribute to the economic development of local B.C. communities.


Feed BC was seeking support for planning and developing a network of public sector post-secondary institutions for the implementation of the Feed BC program.

Reeve, in partnership with Greenchain Consulting, had previously managed an Advisory Group for Feed BC and had consulted on a Feed BC Value Chain Advisory Group Project. This experience, combined with Reeve’s network of public-sector institutions through the Canadian Collaboration for Sustainable Procurement and Greenchain Consulting’s vast knowledge of local food chain practices, meant they were well positioned to help Feed BC achieve success through the PSI Partner Program.


Since launching in 2021, 20 B.C. PSIs committed to working towards the Feed BC Program standards, which include setting a goal of 30% local food purchases from B.C. Reeve helped develop a 2023/24 – 2024/25 Feed BC in PSI Program Action Plan, which provides a roadmap of Ministry service offerings that encourage, inspire, and support PSIs’ shift to using more B.C. foods. Reeve has played an active role in providing ongoing facilitation support to this network. The majority of Feed BC PSI Partners are now meeting or exceeding their Feed BC local food purchase target.


Reeve’s support to Feed BC in PSIs has included:

  • Developing tools and resources including an Indigenous food processor and suppliers list; a procurement bidding resource to build local food
  • language into food services procurement
  • Planning and facilitating Partner webinars on local food topics of interest to PSIs
  • Working group facilitation
  • Program evaluation, including an annual Program Progress Report
  • Planning and facilitation support for a Partner Network Summit in June 2022
  • Customized support for institutions looking to track their local food expenditures
  • Facilitating the development of the 2023/24 – 2024/25 Program Action Plan