City of Mississauga

Sustainable Procurement Policy, Action Plan, and Training Materials

Mississauga - Sustainable Procurement

Reeve worked with the City of Mississauga to approve a sustainable procurement policy, three-year action plan, and an accompanying set of training materials. The policy takes an inclusive approach to a range of key environmental, social, and ethical objectives. The policy and the implementation plan help ensure that City staff consider sustainability in the procurement process and capitalize on opportunities to have positive impact. We helped Mississauga embed sustainability in their procurement modernization process and apply it as part of the roll-out of their new online Enterprise Procurement Centre.


At the conclusion of the phase one, Mississauga City Council approved the policy and three-year Sustainable Procurement Action Plan. This also inspired the city to put resources towards hiring a Program Coordinator to continue the Sustainable Procurement movement. The Program Coordinator later worked with Reeve to develop and implement a comprehensive training program for buyers, contract managers and client department teams. A special feature of the training materials developed was a 2-minute explainer video, viewed countless times thereafter, to bring widespread awareness about sustainable procurement to internal and external stakeholders.



Sustainable Procurement Explainer Video



“The breadth of experience and public-sector connections that Tim and the Reeve team have brought to the City’s Sustainable Procurement Initiative (SPI) has been invaluable. Their practical and proven approach gave our staff confidence that social and environmental procurement was attainable and aligned with our existing core priorities. The insights they facilitate through the CCSP Social Procurement Working Group has already allowed Mississauga to advance more effectively.” – Natalie Adams, Sustainable Purchasing Coordinator, City of Mississauga