BC Ferries

Sustainable Procurement Benchmarking & Action Planning


BC Ferries is pursuing their journey of sustainability leadership in the marine transportation industry, with commitments to support the Provincial Government’s GHG emissions reduction targets.

Through this effort, BC Ferries wanted to take their sustainable procurement practice to the next level of impact. To do this, they first needed to know where they were starting from, identify program gaps, and set out priority action areas informed from best practices.

BC Ferries turned to Reeve Consulting to help them understand their own current state, learn about sustainable procurement best practices, and benchmark themselves against peer organizations. An added benefit of carrying out this project, was closer engagement among the procurement, environment, and client departments, brought together by Reeve.

BC Ferries also sought to tell their story in a simple and compelling way; in response, Reeve delivered an infographic to showcase BC Ferries’ starting point on their sustainable procurement journey to internal stakeholders.

BC Ferries quickly gained an understanding of what a high-performing best practice sustainable procurement program could look like, engaged internal champions, and now, is ready to steer into the next phase of development on sustainable procurement with guidance from Reeve.