Lululemon Athletica

Sustainable Purchasing Toolkit, Training & Process Optimization

Reeve advised the Sustainability and Procurement teams at Lululemon to meaningfully integrate sustainability into their global operational procurement. We worked with both teams to develop sustainability-focused procedures that integrated into existing procurement processes. Reeve created and trained buyers on a set of customized tools to support them in considering sustainability through every stage of the purchasing process.


United Nations

Sustainability Programming for National Governments and Capacity Building Training


Reeve advised on the development and implementation of Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP) programs for national governments across the Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Eastern Europe. Reeve participated in the writing of several publications, including case studies and a comparative analysis of sustainability programs across four national governments from the Asia-Pacific region.

Reeve provided training workshops in Beijing in December 2016 at an international sustainable public procurement conference organized by the Government of China, the United Nations and the Green Public Procurement and Ecolabelling Network to share best practices and collaborate on strategic implementation of sustainable public procurement.

Vancouver 2010 Olympic Committee

Sustainable Procurement Policy
Social Compliance Programming

Reeve led the design, development and implementation of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Organizing Committee’s (VANOC) award winning Buy Smart program. With VANOC’s goals for sustainability and Aboriginal inclusion as the framework, the Buy Smart program ensured that goods and services procured by the Committee came from suppliers that delivered social and environmental value. Buy Smart incorporated social and environmental criteria into the procurement process, including criteria designed to engage the Aboriginal business community and social enterprises. In the final year of Games preparations, over $2.3 million dollars of goods and services were sourced from Aboriginal contractors and entrepreneurs and social enterprises from the Vancouver area. This was achieved by direct contracting as well as through supporting major suppliers to joint venture with, and subcontract to Aboriginal businesses and social enterprises.

VANOC produced this short video on their Sustainability Journey.

Mississauga - Sustainable Procurement

City of Mississauga

Sustainable Purchasing Policy & Implementation Plan


Mississauga - Sustainable ProcurementUnder direction from Mayor and City Council, Reeve worked with the City of Mississauga to develop a sustainable purchasing policy and three-year implementation plan.  The project involved in-depth internal and external stakeholder consultation, as well as a benchmarking exercise.  In response to broad-based support, the policy takes an inclusive approach to a range of key environmental, social and ethical objectives, encourages City staff to consider sustainability in all procurements and seek out opportunities for positive social and environmental impact.

Reeve helped Mississauga embed sustainability in their procurement modernization process and apply it as part of the roll-out of their new online Enterprise Procurement Centre.  We also worked closely with the legal group and involved them in vetting the newly drafted policies and procedures.

At the conclusion of the project, Mississauga City Council unanimously approved the policy, the 3 Year Sustainable Procurement Strategy, and resources to hire a Program Coordinator and develop and roll-out a training program for buyers, contract managers and client department teams.

“The breadth of experience and public-sector connections that Tim and the Reeve team have brought to the City’s Sustainable Procurement Initiative (SPI) has been invaluable. Their practical and proven approach gave our staff confidence that social and environmental procurement was achievable and aligned with our existing core priorities. The insights they facilitate through the MCSP Social Procurement Working Group has already allowed Mississauga to advance more effectively. “ – Natalie Adams, Sustainable Purchasing Coordinator, City of Mississauga


Sustainable Procurement Explainer Video