Regional District of Nanaimo

Sustainable Procurement Program Development and Training Delivery 

In 2021, the Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN) identified a need to align their procurement practices with existing corporate strategies around sustainability. RDN wanted to advance priorities such as reducing GHG emissions, achieving zero waste, and developing the local economy. Reeve Consulting was hired to support the development of the RDN Sustainable Procurement Program, including providing support in understanding the maturity of their existing sustainable procurement efforts and building an Action Plan with training that will further develop their program and better equip their staff to engage in the strategy.

Reeve worked closely on this project with the Purchasing Manager, the Manager of Energy and Sustainability, and various internal stakeholders on the following project deliverables:

  1. Board Workshop on Sustainable Procurement
  2. Action Plan with Measures for Evaluation
  3. List of High Impact Procurement Opportunities (HIPO) and activation of several HIPOs
  4. Ongoing management of a Sustainable Procurement Working Group for over 8 months
  5. Updated RDN Purchasing Policy to include considerations for sustainability
  6. Comprehensive Sustainable Procurement Toolkit
  7. Communications and Training Plan
  8. Delivery of five 60-minute Sustainable Procurement Training sessions for various audiences in Fall 2022, training over 75 RDN employees and executives

Through completion of this project, RDN had an updated Purchasing Policy with considerations for sustainability with the Board having confidence in making decisions regarding Sustainable Procurement.