Special Olympics USA Games 2018

Sustainability Strategy and Action Plans
Sustainability Impact Report and Sustainability Playbook and Toolkit

The Organizing Committee for the Special Olympics USA Games saw a major opportunity for the USA Games to showcase community benefit initiatives, skill-building and work opportunities for people with Intellectual Disabilities, and public education on social inclusion and environmental stewardship.

Reeve, in partnership with David Muller, worked closely with the Organizing Committee to develop a comprehensive sustainability program—the first of its kind in the Special Olympics movement. Reeve facilitated a strategic planning exercise to produce the Sustainability Strategy for the games and six Action Plans to activate on goals of inclusion, local economic development and environmental stewardship.  With coaching from Reeve, the Organizing Committee successfully promoted sustainable procurement as a key strategy to deliver on social and environmental impact.

With support from Microsoft, Reeve and Muller worked with the Special Olympics USA Games to create a Sustainability Impact Report and a Sustainability Playbook and Toolkit. These legacy resources share the achievements and lessons learned from the 2018 USA Games to inspire and assist future organizers, operators, sponsors, and other stakeholders of large sporting and other events.