VF Imagewear

Best Practice Research on Wholesale Athletic Apparel

Commissioners of all USA professional sports leagues made commitments to leverage the influence of sports to promote environmental impact. Majestic Athletic (a subsidiary of VF Imagewear), an Atlanta, Georgia based apparel company that supplies uniforms and fan-wear for professional leagues, wanted to increase their awareness of market trends for sustainable sports fan apparel.

Reeve Consulting conducted an in-depth scan of franchises in the four professional leagues, NHL, NFL, MLB, and NBA, to understand the sustainability focus of each organization and to determine best options for sustainable fan-wear.

Methods for research included:

  • Interviews with sustainability and merchandising representatives from several major franchises
  • Review league and third party sustainability reporting
  • Desktop research on teams and venues’ sustainability initiatives

Results and findings from interviews were then provided and presented to VF Imagewear’s Director of Sustainability, who then presented at the 2015 Green Sports Alliance Summit in Chicago, Illinois. By tapping into market insights, VF Imagewear was well set-up for successful sustainable product launches.