Government of New Brunswick

Green Procurement Policy & Implementation Plan


As part of its Climate Change Action Plan aiming for carbon-neutrality by 2030, New Brunswick needed a Green Procurement Policy and Phased Implementation Plan. However, they were unsure about how to get started.

Reeve helped build an understanding of what great green procurement really means and created the initial building blocks of their green procurement program, including:

  1. Current State and Benchmarking Assessment
  2. Best Practice Report on Green Procurement
  3. Green Procurement Policy
  4. Phased Implementation Plan
  5. Training and Communications Plan
  6. High Impact Procurement Opportunities (HIPO) List
  7. Measurement and Evaluation Framework

Throughout project engagements, closer relationships were formed between the procurement, environment, and client departments, which set the basis to action the plan collaboratively.

“Although only at the beginning of our green procurement journey, Reeve Consulting provided us with exceptional advice and well-thought-out deliverables that go above and beyond what was requested. These will form a solid foundation for achieving our green procurement goals moving forward. Reeve Consulting’s expertise and real-world experience gave us confidence and their practical approach helped during workshop facilitation to bring cohesion and clarity to a cross-departmental team.” – Susan Atkinson, Director, Climate Change Secretariat, Department of Environment and Local Government