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Fairware Impact Report: Make Your Merchandise Matter

In 2022, our team undertook a facilitated process to reimagine our mission, vision and values. Our original mission from 2006 was to ‘change the world through the simple act of buying.’ We felt it was time for a refresh of our purpose to help address the challenges we face. We’re not going to buy our way out of these issues, even if we pivot our businesses to be more responsible.While our original mission motivated us to start the journey, it doesn’t resonate with the challenges we face now. Climate change, racial inequities, and social and environmental degradation are issues we worry about daily.True change will take collaboration, courage and advocacy to tackle the systemic barriers that are holding us back and some of us down.We need to up our game, and our new mission, vision and values reflect our commitment to dig deeper and keep moving our business, industry, and community toward a more sustainable future.


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UNEP Global Review of Sustainable Public Procurement


Procurement processes that consider social, economic and environmental factors play a strategic role in trans- forming markets for more sustainable products and services; the ‘sustainable procurement’ approach can ad- dress not only the triple planetary crisis, but also salient socio-economic issues such as human and labor rights, diversity, inclusion and gender equality. Public procurement, which amounts to over US$13 trillion annually at global level, can prove to be a game changer in this regard. This was acknowledged by the international community when it included Target 12.7 on sustainable public procurement in the Sustainable Development Goals. More recently, private organizations have joined the global sustainable procurement movement thereby adding further to the transformation of demand signals towards sustainability.


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Sustainability Playbook for Major Sport Organizing Committees

How to use this Playbook & Toolkit

This Sustainability Playbook & Toolkit has been created to help the Special Olympics USA Games and other large event organizers be more effective and efficient in implementing robust and successful sustainability programs and projects. The Playbook draws from the deep expertise of team members and first-hand experience gained at the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games in Seattle—the first time the Special Olympics USA Games have had a comprehensive sustainability program. The 2018 Special Olympics USA Games demonstrated that sustainability has the potential to inspire meaningful connections between Special Olympics USA Games stakeholders, and leave lasting, positive legacies for the local community and the broader Special Olympics movement. A robust sustainability program covers both environmental and social issues. For more information on what a sustainable event involves, (refer to page 39 for the Sustainability Strategy used for the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games).

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Special Olympics USA Sustainability Impact Report

About This Report

This report tells the sustainability story of the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games. Its purpose is to provide an open and transparent account to various stakeholders and interested parties of the actual results and outcomes of the Games. We’ve profiled short stories of some things that went well, and we’ve provided the data to let readers come to their own conclusions on how well the sustainability program worked at the 2018 USA Games, and what may be improved upon in the future.

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Orchestrating Value through Procurement


Ever heard the phrase “Be careful what you wish for”? For almost 12 years across 10 editions of the Deloitte Global CPO Survey, CPOs have talked about procurement getting a seat at the table. Following the COVID-19 pandemic and the unprecedented levels of supply chain disruption, as well as the growing need for procurement to enable growth, mitigate inflation/risk, and drive significant levels of value, that day has finally come.

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The Rising Importance of ESG: 2023 Report

This 2023 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report provides a comprehensive overview of Nielsen’s ESG strategy, approach and performance, inclusive of 2022 data. Given the rising importance of providing frequent ESG updates on our progress and strategy for a range of our stakeholders, we plan to continue sharing ESG updates on an annual basis.

This report is organized around our six main ESG topic areas, consistent with previous ESG reports, and includes a narrative overview of each, along with supplemental data and information. In the Appendix of this report, we provide additional data disclosures on topics most relevant to Nielsen. We also provide addenda on two external reporting frameworks: the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) and the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

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Green Public Procurement Guide: Maximizing Environmental Health


Green procurement is about minimizing the negative environmental and health impacts associated with purchases made by public bodies. It is about buying products and services that are more energy efficient, less toxic, and create less waste and overall life-cycle costs. Buying ‘greener’ products and services helps minimize the environmental impact of public bodies’ procurement activities, and in many cases provides better value. Comparing products and services may consider elements such as the use of raw materials, packaging, distribution, reuse, operation, maintenance, and the disposal process and requirements. READ MORE

The State of Public Procurement in Canada 2022

About this Report

Staff turnover and supply chain volatility are nothing new, but the impact of these challenges hit procurement teams hard this year. Despite this, we saw a wave of announcements of new sustainable procurement related policies, action plans, and programs being unveiled from public sector organizations across the country. With commitment towards sustainable procurement steady in its upward trend, this year we experienced a noticeable increase of discussion coming particularly from elected officials. Councils, Boards, and other levels of senior leadership are catching on to the importance of incorporating sustainability into their institution’s procurement practices.

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Covering all the Bases: Sustainable Supply Chain Management in Canada

Executive Summary

Organizations operating in global supply chains present various opportunities for growth through up-skilling, employment, and local economic growth. However, when organizations fail to conduct business responsibly they contribute to a myriad of social and environmental impacts including forced labour, human poor health and safety and environmental pollution. With the global population expected to reach 9 billion people by 2030, demand for products and services will also increase. Thus, it is becoming increasingly vital for organizations to be responsible across their supply chains and become equipped to deal with future market conditions and emerging sustainability issues. Decision making must move beyond considering not only cost, product quality and risk but environmental and social impacts.

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The State of Green Business Following COVID-19


There never has been a moment as opportune as this one to be talking about the intersection of business and sustainability. Our world has been rocked on several fronts, most notably by a global pandemic that has caused unspeakable carnage and hardship in every nation. Social unrest, a changing climate, increasing economic inequality, continued racial strife — all contribute to the feeling that the world is unraveling before our eyes.

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