Best Practice Framework Blog Series #3: Don’t Get Resourcing Stuck on the Side of your Desk!

Sustainable procurement is strategic initiative with the potential to power the most important organizational priorities. But to improve the sustainability of our supply chains, we can’t expect procurement professionals to implement Sustainable Procurement out of the goodness of their hearts: big impacts can only come with adequate support and resourcing. In this Best Practice Framework Series blog, we will discuss the effect resourcing can have on making Sustainable Procurement programs impactful.


Leveraging Tools in your Procurement Process to Achieve Greater Sustainability Impact

CCSP’s April Peer Exchange focused on how tools support processes for sustainable procurement. Read this blog to learn more.

Many procurement teams struggle with consistent and meaningful consideration of sustainability within procurement practices. Tools are tangible resources – like checklists, worksheets, guides, or other reference materials – that you can get into the hands of buyers and business units to make sustainable procurement more accessible and standardized. Tools act as guidance throughout the procurement process which enables staff to integrate sustainability more meaningfully into their purchasing decisions.


Make it a Fairtrade Easter this Year: Choose Sustainable Chocolates

As Easter rolls around, you might be thinking about picking up some chocolates for your annual festivities. However, are you aware of the impact that chocolate can have on the environment and the people involved in the farming and harvesting of cocoa beans? The growing interest in sustainably sourced chocolates is a long overdue wake-up call to the chocolate industry. Read on to learn more about avoiding treats associated with child labour and environmental degradation.READ MORE

Best Practice Framework Blog Series #2: Unlocking the Importance of a Sustainable Procurement Strategy and Action Plan

Earlier this year, Reeve Consulting launched a Best Practice Framework Blog Series, highlighting the importance of having a Program in place to achieve impactful sustainable procurement.

Today, we will be diving into the important role that a Strategy and Action Plan plays in driving a high-performing Sustainable Procurement Program. Check back next month to learn more about Policy, and how it can assist in communicating your organization’s sustainability commitments.

At Reeve we are all about ‘less planning and more doing’ but having said that, we see the importance that a good plan can play in providing common vision amongst staff and stakeholders to guide program development. If you have tried to incorporate green or sustainable procurement efforts, but haven’t seen much impact, this might be why. READ MORE

Read the Latest and Greatest Sustainable Procurement Trends and Success Stories from the CCSP

CCSP releases its 13th State of the Nation Report on Sustainable Public Procurement in Canada

Have you been wondering how to get started on sustainable procurement in your institution – or feeling disconnected from what others are working on? Take a look at the Canadian Collaboration for Sustainable Procurement’s 2022 Annual Report on the State of Sustainable Public Procurement in Canada.

Download from here.READ MORE

We Are Hiring

Join Our Team as a Sustainable Procurement Consultant

Reeve Consulting is growing and we’re looking for a new full-time Sustainable Procurement Consultant based in Vancouver to assist with sustainable supply chain work.

Since 2004, Reeve Consulting has helped the world’s biggest brands achieve their sustainability goals by advising them how to act on the social and environmental opportunities in their supply chains.  We are a small firm working with large public and private sector clients, including a large number of Canada’s cities and universities, as well as three past Olympic Organizing Committees, the UN, and the Asian Development Bank. Reeve is known for helping clients find simple solutions to complex sustainability challenges, for our high-quality work, our attention to detail, and our outstanding management of projects.

We’re inviting a highly motivated individual to join our team; someone who is passionate about helping Canadian and international organizations and institutions hardness the power of their procurement activities to drive positive environmental, social, ethical, and Indigenous impacts. We’re seeking someone with a minimum of 5 years experience working on sustainability and/or procurement projects, preferably in a consulting role. Our ideal candidate possesses outstanding communication skills, excellent attention to detail, and works well in a collaborative, small team environment.READ MORE

Free Sustainable Product Factsheet Series Launched by Reeve Consulting: Catering and Food Services

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the potential sustainability considerations when making simple or routine purchases? Whether that be minimizing packaging, or the carbon footprint of a product, or whether you are supporting a local business or a social enterprise? Are you looking for simple and easy to understand information about what makes a product ethical, or more sustainable? In the coming months, Reeve Consulting will be releasing factsheets for some of the most common product categories such as IT hardware, furniture, promotional products, and construction. These factsheets will help define sustainable products/suppliers, eco-labels to look out for, and top tips to make your next procurement as impactful and seamless as possible.READ MORE