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Getting Chocolates isn’t as Sexy as You Think… Here’s Why.


Valentine’s Day is here!

Now you may be thinking, “I should buy these chocolates to show my love for themIt’ll be a great idea!”.  Well not exactly… and that’s because not all chocolates are sustainably producedYou’d be surprised by the amount of chocolates being produced today that are still manufactured using unethical processes that contribute to deforestation and child labor.  Ethical and ecological concerns in the chocolate industry are the biggest problems, so if you’re thinking of buying chocolate, make sure that you use your judgement in buying sustainably from chocolate producers that are ethically sourced. 




Best Practice Framework Series #8: They Say “What Gets Measured Gets Managed”, So Are You Measuring?

How impactful is your sustainable procurement program? Without a way to measure a program’s outcomes, it is very difficult to know if you’re truly making an impact. Although measurement and reporting can be a challenge and often requires a lot of effort, it is important to consider it while establishing other preliminary elements like Policy, Strategy, and Action Plan.  


Fraudulent activity related to large orders and requests for banking information

Please be advised that there are fraudulent attempts being made in the name of Reeve Consulting to place large orders for goods and to request sensitive banking information. If you or your organization have been approached under such circumstances, we urge you to be cautious and to notify your local law enforcement agency.

We understand the gravity of this situation and encourage everyone to practice due diligence when dealing with unfamiliar or unexpected financial requests. Protecting your information and guarding against potential scams is vital in today’s interconnected world. At Reeve Consulting, we take these matters seriously and are actively investigating this fraudulent activity.

Reeve Consulting is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of integrity, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to your trust and security. If you have any questions or require further information regarding this matter, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Redefining Progress: Gross National Happiness and Lessons from Bhutan

Do economic indicators give a full and accurate picture of measure of progress? Measures like GDP are at the forefront of many countries’ progress reporting, and are typically meant to be a broad measure of welfare within a country. However, GDP and other economic indicators like it tend to miss one of the most important components of “welfare”: happiness.

In October, Reeve Founder and President Tim Reeve travelled to Bhutan with 19 other internationals to learn about the Gross National Happiness (GNH), a framework that has been used to guide and measure progress for nearly 50 years. The week-long work study program was hosted by the GNH Centre of Bhutan, and served as a cultural tour and learning experience for its attendees.READ MORE

Fairware Impact Report: Make Your Merchandise Matter

In 2022, our team undertook a facilitated process to reimagine our mission, vision and values. Our original mission from 2006 was to ‘change the world through the simple act of buying.’ We felt it was time for a refresh of our purpose to help address the challenges we face. We’re not going to buy our way out of these issues, even if we pivot our businesses to be more responsible.While our original mission motivated us to start the journey, it doesn’t resonate with the challenges we face now. Climate change, racial inequities, and social and environmental degradation are issues we worry about daily.True change will take collaboration, courage and advocacy to tackle the systemic barriers that are holding us back and some of us down.We need to up our game, and our new mission, vision and values reflect our commitment to dig deeper and keep moving our business, industry, and community toward a more sustainable future.


Access the report HERE

Free Sustainable Product Factsheet Series by Reeve Consulting: Office Paper

Office paper is one of the most widely bought items in offices across Canada and beyond.

The consumption of paper has been rising expected to continue in coming years. Reeve is back with another factsheet (check out our previous factsheet about Food Service Ware), and will continue to release factsheets for some of the most common product categories such as furniture, promotional products, and professional services. These resources will help define sustainable products/suppliers, eco-labels to look out for, and top tips to make your next procurement as impactful and seamless as possible.


City of Vancouver Circular Economy and Social Value Case Study

The CCSP is excited to have published a case study from the City of Vancouver, exploring the impacts they had on waste reduction and the digital divide by giving their used IT products a new life. The City hired Microserve, partnered with BC Technology for Learning Society, to refurbish their used IT products and donate them to community members in need.


Access the case study HERE

Capturing Our Impact: Tracking Social Procurement KPIs

The CCSP met for the 6th Peer Exchange of the year on October 19th, focussed on tracking and measuring social procurement KPIs.

Wherever an organization is on their sustainable procurement journey, it’s never too early to start tracking KPIs and measure the Program’s impacts. KPIs should be tracked across all four pillars of sustainable procurement, but this month’s Peer Exchange dove into discussion on the social pillar. CCSP members heard from two organizations at different stages of their measurement journey: the City of Calgary and the City of Winnipeg.