The Canadian Collaboration for Sustainable Procurement (CCSP), formerly the Municipal Collaboration for Sustainable Procurement, is a member-based network of Canadian public-sector institutions working together to align their spending with their values and commitments on sustainability. Our members meet virtually to network, share information and co-create tools to better address green, social and ethical opportunities and risks in their supply chain.



  • 10 Peer Exchange webinars to discuss trends and best practices
  • 1-2 Working Groups to co-create tools and resources
  • Online resource centre equipped with how-to guides, templates, training materials, our best practice framework and more
  • Customized 1-on-1 benchmarking and action planning sessions
  • A profile in CCSP’s Annual Report on the State of Public Procurement in Canada



The Internationally Regarded MCSP Annual Report

MCSP’s Annual Report on the State of Public Procurement in Canada highlights the country’s latest sustainable procurement trends, showcases the popular ‘moon chart’, which benchmarks members, lists member program development updates, and shares success stories around social and aboriginal procurement, green infrastructure, innovative training and communication programs, zero-waste and circular economy initiatives, and much more.



  • Network and have interactive discussions with procurement and sustainability leaders from across Canada
  • Save time by collaborating and sharing information
  • Learn about new trends like social procurement, circular economy, Living Wage and more
  • Access professional development credits for purchasing staff (CDP for SCMA)
  • Increase your national profile as a sustainability leader




BC Ministry of Citizens’ Services 

University of British Columbia 

Simon Fraser University 

BC Institute of Technology

Thomson Rivers University 

City of Vancouver

City of Surrey

City of Victoria 

The City of Kelowna

District of Saanich 

City of Calgary 

City of Edmonton 

City of Grande Prairie 

University of Alberta

City of Saskatoon 

City of Winnipeg 

City of Mississauga 

City of Ottawa 

City of Toronto 

Halifax Regional Municipality



CCSP is governed by a Steering Committee of member volunteers who meet 5 times pear year. Steering Committee seats are held by:

  • Natalie Adams, Sustainable Procurement Coordinator at the City of Mississauga
  • Waheeda Giga, Policy and Issues Management Advisor, Office of the Chief Purchasing Officer at the City of Toronto
  • Matt Sutherland, Procurement Leader, Supply Management at the City of Calgary
  • Darren Tompkins, Manager of Purchasing at the City of Kelowna
  • Curt Steckhan, Procurement Services Manager at the University of British Columbia




Members pay an annual fee of $1,000-$5,000 depending on their organization size. For more information about joining the network contact