Brighter Communities Begin with Giving Back

Brighter Communities Begin with Giving Back

A fundamental Reeve principle, at the heart of our ethos, is a commitment to “doing the right thing”. Our dedication to ethical actions, both in our work and community involvement, stems from our belief that fostering a healthy and thriving community ultimately benefits long term societal wellbeing.

Among our other community involvement initiatives like our annual Shoreline Cleanup and Afterparty and supporting local businesses in our purchases, we donate to various organizations and initiatives every year with the goal of giving back to the communities we believe in.

In our 2022/2023 fiscal year, we are proud to have reached the Imagine Canada donation benchmark for a Caring Company, which is 1% of pre-tax profits. This benchmark was set using research from Chief Executives Corporate Purpose and Corporate Citizenship.


The Motivation behind our Donations

  1. Simply “Giving Back”: giving back is part of who Reeve is. We feel that it is our responsibility as a company to give back to our community and support those in need.
  2. Employee Engagement: our current and past employees are part of the Reeve community. As such, we donate to organizations that these individuals are passionate about. We also match any employee donations.
  3. Alignment with our Values: we have many company values at Reeve, like work-life balance, EDI, and sustainability. The organizations we choose to donate to reflect these values.


2023 Donations

Here are the organizations we donated to in 2023:

  1. Ocean Wise is a global charity that builds communities and takes meaningful action to protect the world’s oceans. They monitor factors like marine life population and climate change, as well as act to reduce ocean plastic, restore fish stocks, protect biodiversity, and empower youth. To reiterate messages from our Shoreline Cleanup in July, the ocean is a part of all our lives as a carbon sequestration vessel, outdoor activity venue and beautiful natural landscape. We are motivated to help preserve it and it’s biodiversity.
  2. Union Gospel Mission is a Vancouver-based charity that helps restore the lives of community members by providing food and support to those in need. Their work includes providing meals in safe shelters, addiction recovery services in supportive housing, and their compassionate continuum of care, all designed to bring healing and build futures. With the Reeve office being in the downtown east side, we see the impacts of addiction every day, and we want to support an organization that works in our neighbourhood.
  3. The Greater Vancouver Food Bank provides healthy food to those in need. They help promote healthy communities through the development of a fair and effective food system. Over 1/10 households in BC experiences food insecurity. In 2023 alone, they have provided 9,000,000lbs of food to 16,000 individuals and families in the Greater Vancouver area. We donate to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank because at Reeve, we believe that food security is right for everyone.
  4. Salal Sexual Violence Support Centre (formally known as WAVAW Rape Crisis Centre) is a support centre for survivors of sexualized violence. The Centre provides support for individuals who have experienced gender marginalization, including cis and trans women, Two Spirit, trans and/or nonbinary people. They also advocate for societal and systematic change through education, outreach, and activism. About 42% of people have experience sexual violence in their lifetime, and Reeve believes it is essential to provide support to these individuals.
  5. Diabetes Canada is a leading organization in diabetes research. They fund world-leading discoveries in diabetes research, and send children with type-1 diabetes to Summer Camp. They also divert waste from landfills by repurposing used clothing and household items. Many members of the Reeve Community have been touched by diabetes, making it a cause we are dedicated to supporting.
  6. The Cinemateque is a film institute and media education centre devoted to understanding and appreciating the art and history of Canadian and international cinema. At Reeve, we believe a vibrant community includes rich arts and culture. In a time of misinformation and misrepresentation, The Cinematheque enriches and educates our community through art, culture, and diverse cinema-based media.


Each year, we reach out to our community for organizations to donate to. In the coming years, we hope to increase our donation amounts, and broaden the recipients. We encourage our clients, partners, employees, and other stakeholders to donate to organizations that are important to them.


“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.” – Oscar Wilde