Free Sustainable Product Factsheet Series by Reeve Consulting: Food Service Ware

Free Sustainable Product Factsheet Series by Reeve Consulting: Food Service Ware


If you have purchased catering for an event, you have used a food service container.

Food service ware can an integral part of catering and takeout, but without consideration, they can also be a procurement risk. Reeve is back with another factsheet (check out our previous factsheet about Coffee and Tea), and will continue to release factsheets for some of the most common product categories such as furniture, promotional products, and professional services. These resources will help define sustainable products/suppliers, eco-labels to look out for, and top tips to make your next procurement as impactful and seamless as possible.


What is a factsheet?

Each factsheet will allow you to quickly scan through an overview of where the problem lies within the specific product category, criteria to consider when deciding on your next purchase, and benefits of making sustainable choices. On the second page of the resource, we have provided various eco-labels, which are logos or certifications to look out for when making choices to easily identify green and/or ethical products and services.

Why should I use a factsheet?

Factsheets have a multitude of use-cases! These factsheets can be used as a tool to distribute amongst your procurement team, business unit, and sustainability team to provide facts for purchases. These resources can be posted in the office as signage, used by team members who purchase out of catalogues, or left on the side of your procurement team’s desks to help them make low value purchases or put together RFPs.

How to use this factsheet?

When the time comes and you’re needing to make a purchase for your organization, pick up this factsheet and read through the criteria and eco-labels to look out for. Be sure to engage with your suppliers and ask them questions to see what they are already doing in terms of sustainability.

DOWNLOAD HERE to help with your next purchase and check back next month for another resource guideline as we talk about our next product category, coffee and tea.