An Update from our Shoreline Cleanup 2023

An Update from our Shoreline Cleanup 2023

Thank you to all of the wonderful volunteers who attended our Shoreline Cleanup and Afterparty on July 27th. We were happy to be able to share a meaningful Reeve tradition with so many new and returning people in our community.

We are also pleased to say that with the donations from our volunteers, our friends at Fairware, and our own contribution, we were able to raise $700 for Ocean Wise!

We hope to see everyone again next year to repeat this monumental success!


“This was my first shoreline cleanup with Reeve Consulting. It was a nice way to spend an evening, and I really enjoyed coming together with the Reeve and Fairware communities, and taking care of our landscape.” – Namrita Lamba, Consultant, Reeve Consulting.


“The beach clean-up organized by Reeve Consulting and Fairware Promotional Products was an inspiring gathering of like-minded individuals dedicated to a common cause. It demonstrated the power of community action in tackling waste and pollution, aligning well with the objectives of sustainable procurement and goods. This event highlighted the shared val

ues of environmental stewardship, ethical responsibility, and social engagement that define both organizations, making it a fulfilling experience.” – Kip Guthrie, Student, Simon Fraser University.


“We were so pleased with the fantastic turnout this year. Our annual Shoreline Cleanup is near and dear to my heart as a keen ocean swimmer and long-time Vancouverite. We are also so happy to be able to use our community events to raise donations for meaningful causes like Ocean Wise, because community contribution is a core principle at Reeve. A special thanks to our friends over at Fairware for helping organize and fund this event, we hope to partner with you again in the future.” – Tim Reeve, President, Reeve Consulting.