How to “Wake the Sleeping Giant” that is Public Procurement

How to “Wake the Sleeping Giant” that is Public Procurement


Public procurement, representing on average 13% to 20% of GDP,1 can make a critical contribution to the resolution of the current climate, nature and pollution planetary crises. By favouring the purchase of greener products – circular, low carbon, etc. – public authorities can significantly reduce their environmental footprints. Furthermore, governments, as the largest consumers in a given economy, are uniquely positioned to incorporate sustainability criteria into purchasing decisions at a scale that can be transformative. These SPP Guidelines aim to provide a strong departure point and appropriate guidance for all governments and organizations interested in sustainable public procurement. This second edition presents key success factors, best practices and a great number of resources to enhance SPP implementation. It incorporates all the lessons drawn from a decade of support to SPP.

Access the guidelines HERE.

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