Dear Ocean Enthusiasts, Help us Brighten our Beaches!

Dear Ocean Enthusiasts, Help us Brighten our Beaches!

The ocean acts as our largest carbon sequestration vessel. More than 30% of CO2 and 90% of excess heat caused by human activities is stored within the ocean’s depths1, weakening climate change’s impacts. Every year, humans dump masses of plastic and other toxins into the ocean, severely affecting our largest global ecosystem. Mark your calendars for July 27th, and come participate in our beach cleanup after work at Jericho Beach to help the Reeve community make a difference.

Reeve has four pillars, which we adhere to in our work and actions. With environment being one of these pillars, we have always recognized the crucial role the ocean plays in maintaining global well-being, and we do our part to protect our oceans and beaches. In 2007, Reeve had its first beach cleanup, beginning our long-standing tradition of organizing and sponsoring beach cleanups almost every year. Reeve Consulting, in partnership with Fairware Promotional Products, is excited to announce that our annual beach cleanup and afterparty will take place on July 27th , 4pm at Jericho Beach!

In addition to the sizeable benefits the ocean provides, our team are keen ocean enthusiasts: many of us swim, kayak, sail and play in and around Vancouver’s beaches. We also have many staff members who live near the beach or pass it on their way to work, making beaches a part of our everyday life: more reasons to keep our beaches clean and waste-free.

We do our part in the office to address the root cause of ocean plastics: excess waste. We give preference to buying refurbished tech, and we try to replace parts before replacing the whole device. Similarly, we reduce our use of office supplies and paper by having our office in the Hive Vancouver Society: a co-working space where supplies are shared between multiple companies and individuals. Some of our personal office equipment is even made from harvested ocean plastics; like the Microsoft Ocean Plastic mouse!

Another one of Reeve’s near and dear values is community impact. Our beach cleanups are a great opportunity to empower our community through deliberate, impact-focused socializing. Staff, clients, and friends of Reeve can build relationships while giving back to the beautiful city we share. It will also be a great opportunity for our new staff to introduce themselves!

We are excited to co-host this year’s event with our friends at Fairware Promotional Products. Fairware is certified B Corporation specializing in ethically sourced, sustainable promotional products for organizations. Check out their #helpthekelp campaign, where they plant 10 kelp for each order to help sequester carbon from the atmosphere.


Do you want to help Reeve and Fairware cleanup our beaches on July 27th? Register here! You can also contact for inquiries.