Read the Latest and Greatest Sustainable Procurement Trends and Success Stories from the CCSP

Read the Latest and Greatest Sustainable Procurement Trends and Success Stories from the CCSP

CCSP releases its 13th State of the Nation Report on Sustainable Public Procurement in Canada

Have you been wondering how to get started on sustainable procurement in your institution – or feeling disconnected from what others are working on? Take a look at the Canadian Collaboration for Sustainable Procurement’s 2022 Annual Report on the State of Sustainable Public Procurement in Canada.

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Drawing on the hard work and success stories of the CCSP’s network of 41 member institutions from coast to coast, this report highlights national sustainable procurement trends, showcases CCSP member accomplishments, and features success stories from across Canada.

Staff turnover and supply chain volatility are nothing new, but the impact of these challenges hit procurement teams hard this year. Despite this, we saw a wave of announcements of new sustainable procurement related policies, action plans, and programs being unveiled from public sector organizations – indicating a noticeable increase of discussion coming particularly from Councils, Boards, and other levels of senior leadership.


What’s in this years’ report?

The report highlights emerging and evolving trends and best practices in sustainable public procurement and profiles the developments and success stories from CCSP members. You can find our guiding 10-point Best Practice Framework for a high-performing program on page 14.

Read on to see what else you can find in the report.

2022 Trends in Sustainable ProcurementWe featured a fresh take on ten hot topics in sustainable purchasing across the country. Things like circularity beyond waste reduction, transformation to electric vehicles, the use of supplier portals to operationalize supplier diversity, and Indigenous procurement.

Member Benchmarking and Program Developments – Wondering how our members become sustainable procurement champions? We conducted benchmarking interviews to support members in assessing their progress in implementing the Best Practice Program Framework. Head to this section to see the ever-popular Moon Chart Ratings for each member and their main developments across the 10 Program Elements.

Member Success Stories – We love to celebrate CCSP members’ successes, so we have shared stories resulting from their work of incorporating sustainability into real procurements. From the City of Saskatoon and Government of Yukon taking initiative on Indigenous procurement, to City of Winnipeg’s zero-emission transit fleet and City of Ottawa giving a second life to their technology equipment, we love seeing our members “do the doing” in sustainable procurement. Read more about our members’ successes in this section.

2022 CCSP Operations – This section of the CCSP Annual Report provides an overview of the sectors in which our network operates, charting our time investment across various sectors, and the geographic distribution of our members across the country.


Despite the challenges we experienced in the last year, we are honored to witness our members take strides in sustainable procurement, and to share them through this year’s Annual Report. We hope you join us in celebrating the successes and hard work of our members.

Please navigate to our ABOUT CCSP page to download the full report. It’s not too late to join the 2023 CCSP community! Contact Amanda Chouinard, Program Manager, at if you’re interested in learning more.

CCSP members have access to a community of practice with peer organizations who have similar goals to align their sustainability values with their purchasing practices.