"Mountain Equipment Co-op recently embarked on a two-year project to map out a longer term vision of how we could be a force for positive change in the marketplace. The outcome of this project was the clear articulation of three goals that will focus on encouraging Canadians to be more active, conserving wild places, and substantively reducing our overall environmental footprint. The project outcomes were clear and inspiring - thanks largely to the superb guidance and advice provided by the consulting team of Tim, David and Charles."

- Peter Robinson, CEO
  Mountain Equipment Co-op


What you want:
You want to quickly and effectively translate corporate values and policy into practice and measurable results. You want the information and know how to effectively manage an ethical and sustainable purchasing program to minimise impact on the cost of goods and services.  You need to test policies and programs while getting valuable feedback from key stakeholders. You want to be successful in developing training programs to ensure solid understanding of the program for existing and new stakeholders across your supply chain.

What we offer:
We provide training from engaging professionals who have both the experience in the subject matter and a keen understanding of the client culture.  We can help you develop customised programs or topical workshops, relevant to a given audience, from top level executives to purchasing practitioners and end-users.

Who we work with:
Tim Reeve is a co-founder of the Sustainability Purchasing Network (SPN), a networking and training association for supply chain and sustainability professionals that is dedicated to building capacity for ethical and sustainable purchasing and to creating opportunities for purchasers and suppliers to help grow a sustainability economy. Reeve Consulting provides management services to the SPN and also leads the development and delivery of their training programs for industry professionals. The firm has also worked with on the ‘inside’ with companies like Vancity and The City of Calgary to fully embed ethical and sustainable purchasing policies and programs into internal processes. Our training spans the supply chain and includes coaching for sustainability suppliers looking to align to the market.