"The ability of Reeve Consulting to understand the different perspectives of our stakeholders and to help secure and maintain their support throughout our initiative was integral to our ultimate success."

- Rodney C. McDonald, Chair, Building Energy Codes Collaborative
  Province of Manitoba


What you want:
You want an understanding of the different issues, needs and expectations of internal and external stakeholders so you can gain support from these groups and get their buy-in to an effective process for setting direction and making decisions.  You need to build social capital with key stakeholders and deepen understanding of strategic issues, then demonstrate understanding back to the stakeholders.

What we offer:
We provide meeting design and facilitation that clearly communicates information related to strategy, policy and programs, leading to deeper insights and better relationships among stakeholders. We have the ability to facilitate effective communication and understanding across a wide spectrum of stakeholder perspectives and interests. We bring the tools and systems for accurately capturing and delivering the decisions and action plans made by all groups.

Who we work with:
We have designed and facilitated consultation programs on:

  1. Ethical purchasing and sustainable purchasing for the City of Vancouver and The City of Calgary;
  2. Green building and energy efficiency policy for Natural Resources Canada and British Columbia Hydro;
  3. Community economic development strategies for 2010 Legacies Now; as well as
  4. A national series of staff and member engagement sessions Mountain Equipment Co-op in support of the MEC Futures Project, in association with Coast Consulting.