What you want:
You want to maximise the economic benefits associated with planning and staging major events and games while creating lasting financial and sustainability legacies for the host region. You’re accountable for fulfilling economic development mandates and being truly responsive to the agendas of government, businesses, industry groups and other stakeholders, while simultaneously maintaining fiscal responsibility. You would be delighted to be supported by significant stakeholders and facilitate an improved public and business image for the host region.

What we offer:
We help maximise the economic reach and sustainability benefits associated with major events by developing strategies and programs to identify and communicate games or event related business opportunities. We develop tactical outreach and training programs to build connections with the business community and specialised outreach to key interest groups such as environmental, inner-city and social enterprise suppliers.

Who we work with:
Working for the both the Provincial and Federal 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Secretariats, Reeve Consulting developed customised business opportunity and business readiness training strategies and curriculum to support a specialised outreach program for the business sector. Reeve Consulting was retained to pilot test the workshops program around BC and in other parts of Canada. Since the pilot’s successful completion, the firm has gone on to deliver nearly 50 additional workshops to a wide variety of business, industry association and multi-stakeholder audiences.