Reeve Consulting is committed to helping organisations get measurable results from their Ethical and Sustainable Purchasing (ESP) initiatives.  In creating a tailored solution to suit individual needs, we use a three-phased approach:

Analysis & Benchmarking

We develop a deep understanding of an organisation’s unique culture and the drivers motivating change.  Benchmarked against leading best practices, we help organisations understand where they are in the ethical purchasing and sustainability spectrum and suggest realistic and practical strategies to move forward. We help organisations both identify and engage with key stakeholders.

Our analysis and benchmarking approach includes…

  1. Identifying key linkages to core business strategies
  2. Forging links to organisational marketing and PR strategies
  3. Creating stakeholders maps
  4. Consulting and Facilitating
  5. Conducting best practices scans and thought-leader interviews
  6. Supporting purchasing and supply chain process audits
  7. Developing and executing communication strategies


Design & Customisation

We fast-track policy and design options based on best practice templates, which we then customise to your goals and your unique situation. We collaborate with you on streamlining new processes and use off-the-shelf tools to move quickly into piloting, review and implementation.

Our design and customisation approach includes…

  1. Conducting executive strategy sessions
  2. Customising from best practice templates
  3. Developing policy
  4. Right-sizing programs to suit the scale and culture of an organisation
  5. Designing programs, processes and procedures
  6. Engaging with internal and external and regulatory stakeholders
  7. Establishing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and targets
  8. Reporting results


Implementation & Accountability

We roll out programs in such a way as to foster widespread buy-in and support from all groups while maximising the organisation’s return on investment – across the triple-bottom-line. We use thorough design and effective piloting to integrate into, and improve, existing processes.  We create awareness and garner ongoing support through engaging and compelling training and communications campaigns.

Our approach to implementation and ongoing accountability includes…

  1. Integrating programs throughout the supply chain
  2. Developing product specifications
  3. Training end users
  4. Conducting executive policy briefings
  5. Supporting ongoing continuous improvement
  6. Briefing stakeholders
  7. Issuing press releases
  8. Ongoing program support